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Over 100K Users Score Darts With Us

The fastest and easiest way to score Cricket & X01 matches is here and it keeps getting better. Since 2015 Score Darts Cricket & X01 has evolved from a simple idea to being the #1 dart scoring app in the App Store.

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What Users Are Saying

Best App if you play darts a lot

"This app works smoothly and keeps all your match history and stats. If you play a lot of darts and really want to improve this one is a no brainer."


"I've been playing darts for a very long time and I've used most of the scoring apps in the App Store. What makes this one so much better is that it saves all your matches so you can pause and come back to a game at any time. There are also some really cool bonus features like the external score board display with Apple TV and training mode."

Super recreational

"Best Dart Scoring App. I've tried all the dart scoring apps and this one is the best. You have to pay $3.99 to get access to all player modes but it's well worth it because there are more games and customization options than any of the other apps."

Throwin solo

"Challenging the score bot has improved my throwing on these boring winter days. Thanks"

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